Can I soak my dental prosthesis or dental appliance in the pendant solution overnight?
Depending on your method or device and the cleaned solution used (Original or Ultra Soft iP).
Consult the comparative grid to check the minimum and maximum soaking time for each type of prosthesis or dental appliance.

Does Novadent contain chlorine?
No, Novadent does not contain chlorine. Novadent is an antibacterial product made from natural biodegradable elements.

Does Novadent remove tartar?
Yes, it is the only product on the market that effectively eliminates tartar and stains.

Why is Novadent better than other products on the market?
Novadent cleans thoroughly and eliminating tartar, bacteria and infectious microorganisms can cause serious diseases. Novadent prevents and protects with a thin protective film that keeps food from sticking to your prostheses or dental appliances. Novadent gives cleanliness and glow guaranteed from the first use.

Scientific studies at the Université de Montréal demonstrated the effectiveness of the solution for 7 consecutive days. No other cleaning solution for prostheses and dental appliances is comparable.

Where can I get Novadent?
Novadent is available online at, by phone at 1-800-474-6682 and in all Quebec pharmacies and some in Canada (see list of retail participants).

Can I use Novadent with prostheses on implants as well as soft implants?
We recommend Novadent Ultra Doux iP which is specifically designed for prosthetics on soft implants and prostheses. You can soak your prosthesis WITHOUT MAXIMUM TIME LIMIT (minimum 15 minutes) and use Novadent Ultra Doux iP as a soaking solution for the night.

Can I use any soaking bath with the Novadent solution?
Yes, you can use any soaking bath. For ease of handling and use, we suggest our soaking baths: the classic with microfilter and the memory cursor bath with a special cover to facilitate the manipulation of your prostheses or appliances.

Can I use bleach to clean my dentures?

No, to avoid at all costs. Bleach is a product to be avoided to clean or soak your prosthesis or dental appliance. Its use can weaken the resistance of your prosthesis and discolor the acrylic. The color of artificial teeth integrated, bleach can not act as a bleach.

Chat directly here or call us for any other questions, it will be our pleasure to answer you.

Donald Dent

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