Dental prostheses VS microbial contamination

Several studies have clearly shown the effects of dental hygiene deficiency on health. Microbial contamination of dental prostheses (dentures) has an impact on many diseases. Among the most serious diseases, we find hypertension, heart diseases, respiratory infections, renal failure, diabetes, immune system deficiency, and many more. Various types of nosocomial infections are also associated with the microbial contamination of dental prostheses.

When comparing the conclusions of these studies with the following facts :

  • over 500 species of micro-organisms have been identified in the oral cavity
  • more than half the population of Quebec aged 18 years and over is wearing dental prostheses (this number rises to 78% with people 55 and older)
  • the use of certain medications increases the risk of unbalancing the normal bacterial flora of the oral cavity

We realize the importance of dental hygiene in the prevention of many diseases for people wearing dental prostheses, and an even greater importance when it comes to senior citizens and those in hospital centers.

Health professionals, whose role is crucial as such, were too often untrained to identify problems related to oral hygiene. Therein lies the urgency to involve these key players in promoting a healthy dental hygiene with those wearing dental prostheses. In doing so, these professionals can greatly help reduce the health problems arising from hygiene deficiency with this clientele. Novadent is the best solution on the market.

Indeed, with its many years of research, clinical trials and laboratory analyses, Novalab has developed the Novadent solution. Its cleaning power eliminates 99.9 % of bacteria and viruses and 100% of tartar, as well as odours and stains. It requires no brushing.

Its efficiency was confirmed by a study conducted at the University of Montreal.

Donald Dent

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