Dental prosthesis hygiene

The cleaning solution for dental prostheses that is indispensable.

Daily hygiene of dental prostheses (dentures) is essential. It helps prevent numerous diseases from developing. These diseases are triggered by pathogenic micro-organisms building up into prostheses. No less than 500 species of micro-organisms have been identified in the oral cavity.

Research has shown that bacteria, fungi and viruses stick to dental prostheses. Many diseases are related to this contamination :

risks of cerebral embolism
respiratory infections
heart diseases
renal failure
nosocomial infections(several types)
Daily use of a cleaning solution for dental prostheses is therefore imperative and prevents micro-organism colonization, which sticks to the prosthesis acrylic. Micro-organisms enter manufacturing materials through tiny porosities.

Novalab invested several years in research, clinical trials and laboratory analyses. The objective: elaborate a cleaning solution with unique properties. The result: NovaDent, a solution with an antibacterial activity far superior to that of similar products.

That is why NovaDent holds the best credibility with dental health specialists.

Donald Dent

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